Many people experience various skin troubles including premature wrinkles, blemishes, acne problems and discoloration among other things. But why do we experience so many of these problems when we try to take care of our skin daily with countless products?

Patrice Mercier, the former head of Research and Development at Christian Dior Beauty and now leader of the research team at Paris-based cosmetics giant Sephora, has seen a lot in his 30 years in the beauty industry and he’s confident that the days of cheap, all-in-one skin creams found on drug store shelves are over. Often made with synthetic, petroleum-based ingredients and preservatives like formaldehydes, parabens and phthalates, they can actually damage your skin permanently. Why use such harsh chemicals as preservatives? Because they are cheap, readily available and make their products last longer on store shelves. In essence, it’s all about profit and not consumer benefits. As long as consumers purchase the products and don’t ask any questions, why spend the time and money on better but more expensive ingredients?

But according to Patrice, that trend is now changing.

“At Sephora, the most popular and effective skin care products are brands that use natural ingredients to offer a step by step methodology to heal, regenerate and repair the skin to produce natural and long-term skin health. It’s not about covering up, it’s about healing.”

Angela Suh, the founder of Sent From Earth, also experienced a lifetime of skin troubles. Always considering herself to be relatively healthy, she consumed plenty of water, ate a balanced diet and exercised regularly. But she still experienced major skin issues and her only wish was to have clear, trouble-free skin. She tried cheaper products which contained harsh chemicals, as well as expensive products that deemed to cure her skin without checking their ingredients. As many people do, she judged products based on their brand name or price point. She also attempted everything from dermatologist care to skin care clinics to get very expensive treatments such as lasers, peels and weekly facials. Some of them worked temporarily, but nothing solved the root problem.  And from bombarding her skin with countless chemicals over the years, she was starting to get premature wrinkles at 27 years of age. At this point, she started her journey to find a long-term, permanent solution to her skin problems.

After studying and researching for 2 years, she realized that she needed a more natural solution for her skin. She learned that chemicals in her skincare routine were drying and damaging her skin. She decided to collaborate with chemists to create a natural and safe product to use to solve her skincare issues. After making a few different products, she incorporated her own skin care regime into her daily routine. She also had her family members try them, and the results were amazing. Her products helped to heal and resolve the acne and scars on her husband’s jawline, and her own skin was glowing and radiant, the best it had ever been in her lifetime.

She is turning 36 this year yet her skin looks even younger than when she was 27. Angela explains, “It’s proven that the aging process accelerates with time. You start to lose collagen and elastin every year at the age of 18 and by the time you reach 40, the rate of loss of collagen and elastin doubles. So it’s better if you start as soon as possible.” Her family and friends were so amazed at her results that they began asking if they can purchase her products. She came to the realization that her products could help so many people who were suffering from many of the same skin troubles.

Still not convinced? Over the counter products still contain sulfate, harsh chemicals and parabens, yet they are labeled as moisturizers or anti-wrinkle solutions. These chemicals will eventually dry your skin even more, which will lead to continual skin problems including wrinkles and acne. Moreover, these chemicals don’t allow your skin to regenerate and repair itself because they prevent its ability to do so. If you care about what kind of food you put into your body, the same goes for what you put onto your skin. The pores in your skin will absorb everything you put onto it. It is crucial to use natural, plant-based skincare products so your skin can naturally regenerate and repair itself from sun damage, pollution and free radicals within the environment.

Angela strongly recommends the steps below for your daily skincare routine:

Step 1) Wash your face thoroughly with Youth Preserver Lemongrass Face Cleansing Bar Soap, which is made with 100% organic oils.

Step 2) Hydrate and balance your skin with Summer Garden Rose & Coconut Toner.

Step 3) Moisturize with Cloud Cotton Youth Preserve Cream.

Step 4) Always use sunscreens even if you plan to stay home. (Lightbulbs tend to damage skin as well.)

Sent From Earth also offers 100% Organic Oil Guava Leaf Shampoo. Along with natural skin care, she also stresses the use of natural shampoos for the hair and scalp. Most shampoos contain sulfates (the stuff that makes it lather) which not only cause you to lose a great amount of hair, they can also damage your facial skin area while you are washing it. There is also proven data that suggests these chemical shampoos could affect babies during pregnancy. Since your scalp is responsible for the overall condition of your hair, taking care of it with natural products just like your skin will undoubtedly improve hair health and appearance.