Washing your face correctly is the most important daily routine to keep your skin looking young and perfect. When I was 27, I was breaking out uncontrollably. No matter what I did, it was getting worse! I couldn’t even go to the market without wearing makeup because I felt uncomfortable with how I looked. I wish I could share a picture from that period but I didn’t take ANY pictures because I didn’t even want to look at myself.

I tried everything…

I went to a dermatologist and spent a few thousand dollars on lasers and shots, hoping my skin would get better. It didn’t. So I found another skincare clinic where they extracted acne and used a bunch of machines to close my pores, minimize acne scars and heal my skin. Again, it didn’t work. And finally, I went to another clinic where they extracted acne and sold very harsh salicylic acid plus benzoyl peroxide based cosmetics. It made my skin peel all over.  It was painful when it was peeling, and I looked even worse than before. After the peeling, it got a little better but the breakouts always came back after awhile. I hated the peeling phase so I stopped using their products. It was just too much money and pain. I couldn’t take it anymore!

So I started to study. How do I resolve this painful situation?

I spent a great amount of time researching and studying on how to get perfect skin without acne or wrinkles. And when I tried what I researched, I quickly cleared all of my acne and started to have the glowing, perfect skin that I dreamed of. Now, I love my skin more than ever. I rarely breakout and I don’t have any wrinkles either. Some people I met dried their skin to get rid of acne. And the process resulted in wrinkles. NO! This can’t happen!

So I will share with you what I did! Here are my secrets to the perfect skin! It’s a very simple, everyday routine!


This seems so obvious but I’ve asked people how long it takes them to wash their face and I was surprised to find out that on average, people don’t spend more than 3 to 5 minutes to wash their face. This means that you didn’t thoroughly cleanse every pore to wash off the dirt and makeup, and you also didn’t wash off all the cleanser from your face. Remember! Face wash products that are made with chemicals are very harsh for your skin. Imagine if you didn’t wash off everything from your skin. This will result in soap residue and much more breakouts to your skin with premature wrinkles. I highly recommend using natural based soaps to help prevent this.

So how do I wash my face? Here are the steps! If you follow these steps every day, I guarantee that you will get better skin in no time! It took me less than a month to see the results.

Step 1: With lukewarm water, soap your skin. With your finger tips, soap every pore with soft, circular motions. If you have a washing brush or a machine, I highly recommend it but it is not required. When I first started to wash with this method, I didn’t have any of these cleansing tools. You also must ensure you are washing the entire surface area of your skin. Not only will this wash off all the makeup and dirt that you have on the surface, this also helps with preventing wrinkles since you are massaging your skin (5~6 min.).

Step 2: Wash off the soap with lukewarm water. You have to make sure to treat your skin with a soft touch. If you are too rough, it will damage the skin while you are washing it. Rinse 100 times with water after the soap is somewhat gone. You can start to count 1 to 100 (10~15 min.).

Step 3: Rinse with cold water (make sure it’s not too cold) to close your pores. Wash 10 times with cold water (1~2 min.).

Step 4: Don’t use towels to dry your face. What??!!! But yes! I know you washed your towel in a washing machine and it’s clean but it’s still not healthy for your delicate skin. So I usually just let the water evaporate from my skin by lightly tapping it.

Step 5: Moisturize your skin within 1 minute after washing. Don’t ever let your skin get dried out! Some people might think drying your skin is better for acne but it’s not true. If your skin is dry, it will still break out. So make sure to moisturize your skin as soon as you get out of the shower.


This is also very obvious but very important. I always see people touching their face with dirty hands after they touched door knobs, keyboards, cell phones, etc. If you need to scratch your face, go wash your hands first!


I realized I broke out from all the harsh chemicals used by cosmetics companies, so I decided to make my own skin care products for myself. I realized how awesome it was for the overall health of my skin. Not only did the break outs stop, but my skin was glowing! I never felt dry too.